A little history

I thought Tendido 18 was over for me back in 2017, when I decided to sell the company with 26 franchises opened in just 2 years, in Spain and Mexico. A clause in the purchase and sale contract prevented me from continuing to dedicate myself to textiles for 5 years, so my career path changed abruptly.

Tendiente 18 began to close franchises and manufacture fewer and fewer products both for the franchises that survived and for the multi-brand stores in which we were located. This and the arrival of the pandemic ended up killing our brand.

A few months ago, an unexpected call made the butterflies appear again in my belly. That thing you feel when you are in love and you are rewarded. They wanted me to run the company again with the intention of reviving it!!!

I was clear about 2 things... one, that Tiendo 18 was like my third son and I could have him close again, and two, that my love was so strong that I needed to have him in my possession. So I decided to buy back the brand.

After the whole roller coaster of sensations, feelings and desires, I got to work. We start little by little, as in our beginnings. We manufacture a few men's shirts, an online store, and a lot of love!!!

Now, after a period in which we consider that we are ready to open physical stores, we have taken that step. A slow but firm step, and with very clear ideas that EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, we are going to do with great love.

We know that there are risks, of course, but we are going to assume them and with our experience and above all our love for Tendido 18, we are clear that any obstacle we find along the way we are going to jump over.

A challenge that makes us focus clearly on one objective, and that is that TENDIDO 18 does not return to what it was, but something much stronger.

Daniel Grustán, CEO and Founder of Tendido 18.